Actualités - mercredi 23 octobre 2019

ROSAS participated at Automotive World China Conference 2019 in Shenzhen

Dr. Wolfgang Berns, director of ROSAS Center, presented the approach for certification and homologation of highly automated vehicles elaborated by the Competence Center ROSAS at the SAE-AWC Automated Vehicle Security & Safety Technology Conference organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE during the Automotive World China 2019 fair in Shenzhen, China.

Dr. Berns presented the “Certification and Homologation of Highly Automated Vehicles following ISO 26262 and SOTIF”, the two significant international standards regarding functional safety in automotive, and he participated at the corresponding panel discussion. As a corollary, ROSAS has been invited to visit in the following days two of the giants in the Chinese automotive industry, the companies Geely (owner of Volvo cars) and BYD in order to discuss cooperation scenarios.


Today, we experience a paradigm change in the world of transportation where automated and autonomous vehicles will play a key role in tomorrow’s mobility. And the continuing, rapid evolution of technologies for partial or fully automated driving will shift the role of the driver from an active operator to a passive monitor, depending on the level of automation, i.e. the driver remaining in the control-feedback loop of the vehicle. Consequently, there will be also a shift of responsibilities from the driver to automated driving (assistance) systems, helping to make the vehicle as a system safer and the operation of these vehicles, integrated in a new system of transportation and mobility, and ultimately preventing injuries and saving lives. Standards to assure the safe and secure design of vehicle safety features and related equipment (ISO 26262, SAE J 3061) exist, and those for their performance in automated vehicles are in development (ISO 21448 – SOTIF). However, in terms of legislation, there is no legal framework affecting the operation of highly and fully automated vehicles. Consequently, there is no framework of regulations for the homologation of these vehicles integrated in today’s structure of road transportation. A conceptual approach will be presented how a legal framework for the certification and homologation of vehicles at high automation levels can be realized.

About the Conference:

Organized by CCPIT and Reed Exhibitions, Automotive World China will bring together influential automotive industry exhibitors, including in Vehicle Zone, Autonomous Driving Zone, Intelligent Connected Vehicle Zone, New energy vehicle Technology Zone, providing foresighted and creative solutions for Chinese automotive engineers. Meanwhile, outstanding automotive engineers from OEMs and tier one suppliers will also join Automotive World China. Multiple automotive electronics technology forums will be concurrently at Automotive World China, gathering automotive industry experts and professionals to discuss industrial hot topics, identify urgent needs and explore new opportunities.

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